Who built it?

Emperor Vespasian built the Vespasian Temple of Peace in 71AD in honor of Pax the roman goddess of peace.

Vespasian acquired large treasure when his army sacked Jerusalem during the Jewish-Roman Wars.

He used to this fund to built Temple of Peace. Though Emperor Vespasian started the construction but it was completed by his son Emperor Domitian.

Vespasian Temple of Peace
Vespasian Temple of Peace

 Purpose of Vespasian Temple of Peace

Vespasian was not only emperor but also a leading general of Roman Empire. He wanted to project an image of strong emperor who would bring peace and prosperity to an empire.

This temple of peace will be important step for Vespasian in achieving that objective.

Location and Function

The Vespasian Temple of Peace is part of Imperial public squares, which were built over the period of 150 years.

It was located on the southeast side of the Argiletum, facing Colosseum.

As the structure served no political function, therefore it is called a temple.

The interior of building was decorated with treasure Roman army took from Judea.

The temple was made up of a semicircular recess covered with a hemispherical vault or semi-dome which opened into a large portico. He structure probably had featured gardens, pools and statues.

The large columns separated the temple from the central unpaved, grassy area.

How was Temple Destroyed?

In February 192AD, fire destroyed the Vespasian temple of peace.  However in 203AD, Septimius Severus rebuilt the temple.

Central hall of temple was remodeled by 300AD. When emperor Constantius II visited Rome in 357AD, he was impressed by the temple.

However within few years, the temple was closed as Christian Emperors issued edicts closing all non-Christian place of worship.

Vespasian Temple of Peace was severely damaged during Alaric sack of Rome in 410AD.After this event temple was never repaired.

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