Most of the historian has very favorable view of Emperor Titus. Titus behavior as an emperor is very exemplary.


After his father Vespasian became roman emperor, he became responsible for crushing Jewish revolt in Judea. Within years he captured Jerusalem and crushed the revolt. After his victory he decided to return to Rome.

On his way back to Rome he visited Alexandria. In one of the ceremony he wore diadem, which Romans usually associate with monarchy. This led to the fear in the army that he might revolt against his father.

Emperor Titus
Emperor Titus

To allay any suspicions about his conduct, Titus quickly returned to Rome.


During the Jewish Wars, Titus had begun a love affair with Berenice, the queen of Judea who collaborated with the Romans during the rebellion.

In 75 AD, she came to Rome and started living in palace with Titus as his promised wife. However roman people did not like eastern queen and disapproved their relationship.

One day group of cynics even publicly denounced their relationship in the theatre. Titus was very cautious about his reputation. So, Titus caved in to public pressure and sent her away to save his reputation.

Ruthless and Efficient in running government

Titus was very swift in crushing any plot against his father. In 79 AD, he uncovered plot by Aulus Caecina Alienus and Eprius Marcellus to overthrow his father.

Titus invited Alienus to dinner and in middle of dinner ordered his execution.  Titus was notorious for taking his violent actions against anyone suspected of ploting against his father.


To crush any dissent and slander the roman emperor had instituted law of treason. The original intension of this law was to prosecute those who intend to start revolution against the government. 

Numerous trials and executions under previous emperor led to unpopularity of this law, which terrorized Rome’s political system for decades.

Titus first acts as emperor was to halt to trials based on treason charges, which led to increase in his popularity.

Kind and Caring

Although Titus’s ruled only for 2 years but he faced he faced a number of major disasters.

A few months after he became emperor, Mount Vesuvius erupted. The eruption almost completely destroyed the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

These cities were completely buried under metres of stone and lava which killed thousands of people. Titus personally donated large amounts of money from the imperial treasury to help the victims of this disaster.

In spring of 80, a fire broke out in Rome. Fire raged in rome for three days and three nights and burned large parts of the city. Once again, Titus personally compensated for the damaged regions. 

While he was emperor, Titus discovered that his brother Domitian was plotting against him. He loved his brother so refused to have him killed or banished.

Pretentious & Extravagant

In 70AD, Vespasian started the construction of Flavian Amphitheatre (Colosseum) which finally got completed in 80 under Titus. 

It not only provide entertainments to the Roman people, but also commemorated the military achievements of the Flavians dynasty during the Jewish Wars.

The inaugural games lasted for a hundred days. The games includes gladiatorial combat, fights between wild animals, mock naval battles for which the theatre was flooded, horse races and chariot races. 

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