Shashi Kapoor Birthday

Bollywood legend Shashi Kapoor was born on 18 March 1938.

Shashi Kapoor Age

He was 79 years old when he died on 4 December 2017.

Shashi Kapoor Family

Shashi Kapoor was born as Balbir Raj Kapoor to Prithviraj Kapoor and his wife in Calcutta, British India, on 18 March 1938. Kapoor attended Don Bosco High School in Matunga, Mumbai.

Shashi Kapoor Image
Shashi Kapoor Image

Kapoor acted in plays, directed and produced by his father Prithviraj Kapoor, while traveling with Prithvi Theatres.

Shashi Kapoor Children

He met English actress Jennifer Kendal in Calcutta in 1956 while both were working for their respective theatre groups.

After their subsequent meeting, the couple fell in love and after facing initial opposition from the Kendals and support from sister-in-law Geeta Bali, they got married in July 1958.

Soon they acted in a number of films together, most notably in Merchant Ivory productions. They had three children: Kunal Kapoor, Karan Kapoor and Sanjana Kapoor.

Kapoor’s children, for a short while, became Hindi film actors but their European looks and accented Hindi prevented them from having successful careers

Shashi Kapoor Brother

He was the youngest brother of Raj Kapoor and Shammi Kapoor. He moved to India with his family following partition.

Shashi Kapoor Biography

He started acting in films as a child in the late 1940s under the name of Shashiraj as there was another actor by the same name who used to act in mythological films as a child artiste.

His best-known performances as a child actor were in Aag (1948) and Awaara (1951), where he played the younger version of the characters played by his older brother Raj Kapoor.

Shashi Kapoor Movies

Shashi Kapoor made his debut as a leading man in the 1961 film Dharmputra and went on to appear in 116 Hindi films, including 61 films as the solo lead hero and 55 multi star-cast films, 21 films as supporting actor and special appearances in 7 films.

He was a very popular actor in Bollywood during the 60s, 70s and until the mid-80s. Kapoor’s early films, Dharmputra, Prem Patra and Char Diwari, were in Hindi, which were not successful commercially.

Since 1961, he started acting in English language films, which include The Householder and Shakespeare-Wallah. He was one of India’s first actors to go international.

Later he made a popular pairing with Amitabh Bachchan and the two co-starred in a total of 12 films: Roti Kapda Aur Makaan (1974), Deewaar (1975), Kabhi Kabhie (1976), Trishul (1978), Kaala Patthar (1979), Suhaag (1979),Do Aur Do Paanch (1980), Shaan (1980), and Namak Halaal (1982) were hits, while Immaan Dharam (1977), Silsila (1981) and Akayla (1991) were flops. He is particularly famous for his role in Deewaar (1975).

He was 2nd highest paid Hindi actor, sharing the spot with Dev Anand from 1970–75, and the 3rd third highest paid Hindi actor, sharing space with Vinod Khanna from 1976-82.

In the whole of the Kapoor clan, Shashi Kapoor has been the solo hero more times (61 films). He also as a lead protagonist in more Hindi films (116) than his nephews Rishi Kapoor, Randhir Kapoor and Rajiv and even more than his brothers Raj Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor and more than his grand-nephews and grand-nieces.

Shashi Kapoor Last Movie

In 1998, he retired from acting after his final film appearances in Jinnah and Side Streets. His fan saw him in the limelight at the Shashi Kapoor Film Festival held in Muscat, Oman (September 2007).

At the 55th Annual Filmfare Awards in 2010, Shashi Kapoor received the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award.

Shashi Kapoor Passed Away

He died at the age of 79 on 4 December 2017 due to liver cirrhosis.

Shashi Kapoor Funeral

His family admitted Kapoor to the Kokilaben Hospital, Versova, Mumbai, for what doctor speculated to be chest infection, and died on 4 December 2017.

According to The Guardian, he was in hospital for treatment from long-standing liver and heart complications, and was always helping other patients. Officially, his cause of death was attributed to liver cirrhosis. His body was cremated

Shashi Kapoor Height

He is 180cm or 5’9” tall.

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