Family Background

Trajan was born on 18 September 53 AD in the Roman province of Hispania (Spain), in the city of Italica (near Seville).

Trajan father was a prominent senator and general. His mother was a Roman noblewoman and sister-in-law of the second Flavian Emperor Titus.

His father served in roman army as commander of the legion under Vespasian in the First Jewish-Roman War. Trajan’s father played an important role in the rise of Vespasian to the position of emperor.

Trajan Early Life
Trajan Early Life

Due to his close connection to Emperor, he was made senator and consul. Later emperor made him part of elite club of patrician of Rome.

Trajan’s Rise through the Rank

As a young man, he rose through the ranks of the Roman army. He was posted in some of the most dangerous parts of the Empire’s frontier.

In 76 AD, when Trajan father was Governor of Syria, Trajan served as the tribune in the legion. Later he was transferred to Rhine. He was engaged in combat in active combat duty during both assignments.

He quickly rose through the rank as his family has close connection with royal family.

In 89AD, the governor of Germania Superior, Lucius Antonius Saturninus, and his two legions revolted against the Emperor Domitian.

From Spain, Trajan was summoned, while Emperor Domitian himself came from Rome with the Praetorian Guard.  Within twenty-four days the rebellion was crushed, and its leaders at Mainz savagely punished.

After serving in army for many years, Trajan became consul in 91 AD.

Trajan Marriage

Around this time, Trajan married a noble woman called Pompeia Plotina of Nimes. Though couple never had any children and couple remained childless.

Some of the contemporary historian claimed that Trajan was strong inclined towards homosexuality. Trajan had many lovers including future emperor and trajan’s adopted son Hadrian, the actor Pylades, a dancer called Apolaustus,  and future emperor Nerva(who later adopted Trajan).

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