After the death of Razia Sultan, Behram Shah became emporer. The Muizuddin Behram Shah ruled Delhi Sultanate for the two years but merely as the puppet in the hand of Turkish Nobles.

Ikhtiyar Uddin Aeitigin used to run the administration of Delhi Sultanate on the behalf of sultan. He increased his power by marrying the sister of the sultan.  

Mongols Invasion

In 1241, Mongols under the leadership of Tair invaded India. Mongol first target was Multan. Kabir Khan, governor of Multan repelled the Mongol invasion. Mongol after failing to capture Multan attacked Lahore. Malik Qarqash, governor of Lahore, fled the city. Mongols easily captured Lahore and plundered the city. After the plunder, Mongols looted enough wealth and went back to Afghanistan.

In 1242, Behram Shah tried to reassert himself as Sultan. He killed his wazir Aeitigin in bid to liberate himself from the influence of his nobles. Another nobles tried to grab power and tried to control Sultan but he too was killed by Sultan through clever diplomacy. Turkish nobles realized that their power is eroding, so they got there act together and killed Behram Shah in May 1242.

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