Izzuddin Kishlu Khan one of powerful Turkish noble declared himself as Sultan after the death of Behram Shah. None of the Turkish Nobles support him instead they choose Aladdin Masudshah He was grandson of Itutmishmish and son of Ruknuddin.

Hasan Ghori Muhazzab Uddin was sultan’s wazir and he exercised all the power on behalf of sultan. However, Hasan soon develop enmity of other nobles and was soon removed from the post.

Delhi Sultanate slowly disinterested under the leadership of Masud Shah. Due to incompetent sultan many governor started declaring themselves as sultan. First to break his oath was Tamar Khan, governor of Bengal, who declared himself sultan of Bengal and also conquered Bihar. Next Kabir Khar, governor of Multan who defeated Mongol declared himself independent.

Khokhar of salt range and Hindu chiefs in Gangetic plain increasingly became aggressive and Sultanate lost control most of much these lands.


Balban, one of most powerful turkish nobles became Wazir. Balban to strengthen his position married his daughter to Sultan. Masudshah was fast losing respect of his nobles as he failed to bring Bengal and Sindh under his control. Nasiruddin Mahmud, another grandson of Iltutmish planned a conspiracy to overthrow Masudshah. He was supported by majority of nobles. So, in June 1946, Nasiruddin made bid for power and got Masudshah killed.

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