Sepoy revolt in Lahore

Sepoy revolt in Lahore, the capital of the Punjab, is situated in the heart of the province, about half-way between Delhi and Peshawar. 

Two Bengal sepoys battalion held the fortress at Lahore. 

About one hundred British soldiers also defend the fortress. 

Mian Mir Cantonment

Mian Mir cantoment located six miles from Lahore housed three regiments of Bengal sepoys, together with one regiment of Europeans, and two batteries of European artillery.

Sepoy Plots

News of the revolt at Delhi reached Lahore on the 12th of May 1857. 

Without a moment’s delay, Sepoys developed a secret plot in the fortress at Lahore and those in the cantonment at Mian Mir for the slaughter of Europeans. 

Soon they plan to execute the plot on the 15th May. As the sepoy battalion in the fortress plan to relieve another sepoy battalion.

Both the battalion will join together and murder their own officers and then overwhelm the European guard. 

Later the Sepoy of Lahore Fort sent signal to the cantonment at Mian Mir to revolt against british on 15th May 1857. 

Sepoy revolt in Lahore & Surrender

A Brahmin Sepoy betrayed the plot to the British authorities. Soon the british officer made a plans to defeat the scheme. 

On the morning of the 15th of May, the sepoy regiments in the cantonment at Mian Mir drawn up on parade formation as usual. 

Suddenly, officer ordered them with a loud voice to lay down their arms. 

Sepoy Mutiny at Lahore
            Sepoy Mutiny at Lahore

Soon a thin line of European infantry stood in front suddenly fell back, and revealed the mouths of twelve guns pointed at the sepoys with lighted fires. 

The European infantry began to load their rifles behind the artillery. The sepoys could hear the clicking of locks and ramrods. 

Sepoy threw away their muskets and sabres in sheer terror. 

The European officer crushed sepoy plot in the fortress at Lahore in a similar fashion.

A detachment from the regiment at the cantonment at Mian Mir strongly reinforced the European guards. 

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