Early Life

Rana Ratan Singh II was the Maharana of Mewar Kingdom between 1528 to 1531. He was a son of Rana Sanga.

Before the death of his elder brother, Rana made him heir to Chitor. Rana Ratan Singh possessed all the arrogance and martial valour of his race. Soon he had married by stealth and by proxy the daughter of Prithvi Raj of Ambar. His double-edged sword represented him at the nuptial ceremony.

Feud with Hada Prince of Bundi

Unfortunately the affair was kept too secret ; for the Hada prince of Bundi demanded her to be his wife. Rana Ratna Singh delayed to redeem his pledge. The maiden of Ambar saw no reason for disclosing her secret or of refusing the brave and famous Hada.

The princes of Bundi had long served the house of Mewar. They had silently grown to power under the wing of Mewar. The unintentional offence sank deep into the heart of Rana Ratan Singh. Soon he swore to be avenged and in the accomplishment of his vow sacrificed his own life as well as that of his rival.

The encounter which took place reflects cowardice on the Sisodia prince. It is still worthy of narration as the example of how in the Rajput breast the desire for revenge could stifle every other feeling, even that of honour.

Conspiracy to kill Hada Prince

Later on the festival of the Ahairia the Rana Ratan Singh invited himself to a hunt in the preserves of Bundi, and he took with him as his attendant the son of a Purbia chieftain whose father had met his death at the hands of the Hada prince.

Rajput Hunting Boar
Rajput Hunting Boar

The scene chosen for the sport was not far from the western bank of the Chambal. The Chambal valley has abundant wildlife to hunt. Rana Ratan Singh ordered troops to formed into line. Soon the troops advanced through the jungle with the customary clamor, driving before them a promiscuous herd of the animals of the forest.

The princes had convenient stations assigned to them where they could spear the game as it passed. Soon at the height of excitement the Rana Ratan Singh whispered to his companion, “Now is the moment to slay the boar,”. Instantly an arrow sped from the bow of the Purbia at the prince of Bundi.

With an eagle’s eye the Rao saw it coming, and turned it aside with his bow. This might very well have been an accident, but a second arrow from the same source convinced him there was treachery.Almost at the same moment the Rana Ratan Singh darted at him on horseback, and cut him down with his khanda.

End of Rana Ratan Singh

The Rao fell and took his shawl and tightly bound up the wound. As his foe was making off he cried aloud, “Escape you may, but you have sunk Mewar.”

When Rana Ratan Singh saw the Hada bind up his wound he once more charged his wounded foe. Rana Ratan Singh raised his hand to finish the deed of shame. The Hada prince with the strength of a wounded tiger made a dying effort and dragged him from his horse.

Together they came to the ground, the Rana underneath. The Rao knelt upon his victim’s chest. He had strength enough left to raise his weapon and plunge it into the Rana’s heart. with Hada Prince vengeance satisfied, his sank lifeless on the body of his foe.

Later his surviving brother Vikramaditya Singh succeed him and became next Rana.

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