Jashodaben, narendra modi wife was born in 1952. Her mother died when she was two years old.

Narendra Modi and Jashodaben had an arranged marriage in the custom of the Ghanchi caste of Vadnagar. When Modi was thirteen, the couple underwent the religious ceremony of marriage.

Narendra Modi Wife
Narendra Modi Wife

As per their family custom, they began living together (gauna in Hindi) when Modi was 18 in 1968 but that period was brief.
Shortly after this time, Modi separated from his wife and began wandering in the Himalayas practicing Sannyasa.

Jashodaben stayed at Modi’s family’s home for a few months. Two years later her father died. She continued her studies and received her Secondary School Certificate in 1972.

After three years of being out of contact with all who knew him, Modi returned home and contacted his family.
He made plans to go to Ahmedabad to work at his uncle’s canteen without Jashodaben.

Before he left, his mother arranged for Jashodaben’s parents to send her to meet Modi to sustain the gauna.

After Jashodaben arrived at the house of Modi’s family, Modi had an argument with his parents and left their home to meet his uncle as planned.

Over the three-year period around the marriage, Jashodaben estimates that she spent about three months with her husband. After Modi left, she continued with her professional life.

Jashodaben studied further to become a teacher at primary school, and from 1978–1990 taught in Banaskantha district.
In 1991 she moved to Rajosana village and remains there. After retirement, she got pension is ₹14,000 (US$190) per month.

Narendra Modi Wife – Later Life

Jashodaben lives with her brother Ashok and his wife in Unjha. She lives a simple life of prayer, waking at 5 am and praying at home before leaving for the temple.

Modi kept his marriage secret for most of his career. He acknowledged his wife for the first time when he filed his nomination for the 2014 general elections. Modi maintains a close relationship with his mother, Hiraben.

Jashodaben said that Modi didn’t invited her to the swearing-in ceremony of Narendra Modi, but had she been invited, she would have gone.

She still had emotions for Modi. Later she was pleased that he acknowledged her as wife on his legal documents in contesting the election.  She said that she plans to meet him again at the right time.

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